300+ crores stolen through Hacking in few minutes..!


Russia’s central bank account was attacked by hackers had stolen 2 billion ruble (3.10 Crore Dollars). Bank authorities also confirmed the amount stolen through Hacking.

According to the British news agency, unidentified persons attacked Russia’s central bank accounts with the help of the Internet. British news agency confirmed bank officials told the incident, Hackers tried to steal 5 billion ruble but he could only receive and hacked 2 billion ruble.

The Russian authorities said in a statement released “We have uncovered a conspiracy of the foreign intelligence agencies under which foreign powers are trying to spread chaos through constant cyber attacks on Russia’s banking system.


طلحہ سعد کے تبصرے

 طلحہ : یہ تو اچھا ہے پیسا کمانے کا طریقہ

سعد : ھاں یار مست ہے

طلحہ : لیکں بهت زیادء خطرناک ہے

سعد : ھاھا. مگر پیسا بھی تو دیکھ 300 کڑور. زندگی بھڑ بھی ختم نہیں ھونگے

طلحہ : ھاں یار درست که رها ہے

سعد : کل سے هم بھی جا رهے ہیں یہ  فن سیکھنے

طلحہ : ھاھاھا. تو بھی


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