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33 thoughts on “ARY News Live

  1. Amirullah

    Haan mujhey pasand hai.

  2. rida

    y r u guys promoting indian films and individuals who are part of the illuminati?

    can some here explain .. why ary is so f***** up nowadays?


    Haan mujhey pasand hai.

  4. ishtiaq ahmad

    g mujhe ary news boht passnad ha q k such bolta ha

    1. Mohammad ali

      oh, bhai javed hashmi sb.k batoon ko aap log ehmiyat kiun dete hain.aap log jan bujh kar ye topik nikalte hain.

  5. tehseen ullah

    i like very much

  6. amjad shah

    I like ary news so much

  7. Akhter Rasool

    میں اے آر نیوز کو جیند جمشید کو اتنا کوریج دینے پر سلیوٹ پیش کرتا ہوں جنھوں نے نہ دوستی کی بلکہ دوستی کا حق بھی ادا کیا۔ وسیم بادامی اور اے آر نیوز کے اس غم میں ھم ان کے ساتھ برابر کے شریک ہیں۔اللہ تعالی جنید جمشید بھائی کو جنت الفردوس اعلی مقام عطا فرمائے۔ امین

    1. Ishfaque Hussain

      Allah pak junaid jamshaid k ghar walo ko sabur atta farmaeey . marhoom ko janatul fardos mai jagh atta farmaey our hum sub pakistaniyo ko apny raasty py chalny ki tofiq atta farmaaey . ameen

  8. Ayesha khalil

    I like ary news especially I like 11th hour programme very much

  9. abdulrauf

    off the record is very use full…

  10. Suraj kumar gupta

    Mai Indian hu but Arya news Bahut dekhta hu Wo vi live

  11. tipusultan

    medea walo mery awaz aria me log mar mar kar zi rahen hain.dekhane wala koi nahi.orangi 11.1/2.aziz nagar

  12. sardar kazmi

    its very shocking during the programmed advertising ???????????????????

  13. Khurramkhan 12345

    mujhe b ary bohat zayda pasnad h sabar and sami and kashif and arif hamed bhattti sb sb ko mara salam main in ka show bohat shok sy dekta hun kash k main b in k 7 job karta or apne pakistan ki kedmat karta ary zinda bad

  14. Shirazi

    From Melbourne . Jii chahta hey aap sub logo ko sunay k taj gift krion. Jab haqoomat ktum ho g Pakistan a ker aap ko gift doin ga.

  15. a bhatti

    if is Nawaz sharif and company done this with ary we can take to international court you and your family case of panama we can hire juw barrister we will see how can you bribe tham we will fist can do this and show to world crrupt pm on international tril you one week if is ary not start than we will start in Europe don’t take this notice to easy Nawaz n leage froud group I tell you Nawaz some juws group looking crrupt case like your some one well wisher of public of pakistan

  16. M khan

    I lov ARY , my tv is widow without ARY.???

  17. Rashid ali

    I love ary and pishawar zalmi

  18. Abdul Majid

    The best channel of news and I like it.

  19. Anwarl Hasan

    I like ARY all programmes but I dont like urdu prononciation of youranchors, reporters and news readers, guest are exempted. you must have somebody who can correct their wrong prononciation of URDU language. this is observed in all channels but you are special as I like you pls take a step in this regard thank you



  21. Raiq Sabir

    Sir why Arshad shareef is daily promoting proofs on ARY Tv against Shareefs. Has he any personal grudges. I think any time shareefs mentally tortured this shareef. Allah bhi admi lo Pass kar deeata hy, . You also spare them Allah AAp ka bhala doy ga.

  22. Raiq Sabir

    Re union in veena and Aasad is good news. two sons were the real target of this split,.

  23. rafiq sabir

    Leaks probe result is put on hold up to what?

  24. Shams ud din

    Ary net work zinda baad

  25. Muhammad Sulaiman A.R.

    YES…………I like ARY for their endeavors against corruption. We must join hands with ARY in order to eliminate the corrupt elite of our politicians from our Motherland.

  26. mian sakhawat

    ary good

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