Audi A6 launches in Pakistan only price 80 Lakhs

Audi A6 launches in Pakistan only price 80 Lakhs

Audi AG Pakistan has presented the all new Audi A6 Business top class version which has the best new features along with the affluence items included in the classis car vehicle.

This version upgrade the Audi A6 saloon with extra power (190 bhp), improved performance (390Nm torque) and an astute pair of headlamps called full LED. The LED headlights are applicable on demand and turn dark into day.

The top Business Class version assumes its name due to the Audi designed requirements for owners who will broadly occupy the back seats.

The more special features contain a glass sunroof, driver advice system with colour looks, and MMI Touch which grant to manage an array of setup including exploration, entertainment, internal, and even ride gesture.

There is still a MMI remote handler under the essential armrest at the end, and for taller denizen, switches are fixed on the way door to manage the co-drivers seat ambiences.

Lets see how much Pakistani car rider interested to buy this extra ordinary costly fantasy features car.