Costly celebrities and their Islands..

Costly celebrities and their Islands..

It’s no surprising achievement for celebrities to live in costly big houses, zooming in and out the town in deluxe cars and have a huge lot zeroes in the account.

A lot of stars own personal islands that they could drag off to whenever they need to relish a amicable holiday, without the questioning eyes of the news and fans. These global richest actors and stars are always on the sentry for new style to allocate their wealth.

Here are few of the stars who own brutally costly islands.


Shahrukh Khan
The King of Bollywood has a signature villa, extent over 2 portion and 8,500sq feet at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.


Nicolas Cage
In 2006, Nicolas Cage purchased the beautuful island in the Bahamas for worth approx. $3 million.


Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio buying this approx. 2 miles long island for worth $1.80 million in 2005.


Mel Gibson
Hollywood star Mel Gibson has merged to the list of the holder of Fijian islands after the buying the Mago island in the in 2005, for approx. $15 million.


Ricky Martin
The island was purchased by the Latin pop-singer Ricky Martin in 2008 for worth $8 million.


Michael Schumacher
This island was noted given gifted to Michael Schumacher by Dubai Royal Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al-Maktoum and it approx. worth is $7 million.


This is a big 700 acres Bonds Cay Island, Bahamas island hold by Shakira and the cost is approx. $16 million.


David Copperfield
Magician David Copperfield hold 4 islands in the southern Bahamas for worth $50 million. He island rent the Musha resort for $325,000 per 7 days.