Dubai Islamic Bank is selling its shares in JDI Bank

One of the biggest chain of Islamic Banks in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), has sold its share’s in Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank System(JDIB).

The UAE established banking made the opinion to sell the shares to follow development in tinier Islamic banking markets. Over the past 5 yeas, the Jordan established bank has raised more than four pace in size. Its shares are in the sphere of $1.1 billion with a structure of more than 21 section. Dubai Islamic Bank added that the income from the shares sale will go towards the audience where Islamic banking system is in initial stages of advancement. Dubai Islamic Bank contributing in Jordan back in 2008.

Pakistan and others major bordering Islamic countries, Indonesia, together statement for more than a term of the globe Muslim community. DI Bank has been functioning in Pakistan state since 2006. DI Bank also has diagram for extend in Kenya. but fortunately it does not have a grant to running in the country.


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