Indian businessman blown 7 billion to his daughters wedding


India is considered one of the most impoverished country in the world. According to a recent survey bread population 2 half time here, not even luck. But famous Indian businessman Janardan Reddy put all surprised at his daughter’s wedding. In 4 days 7 billion has been spent money on his daughter’s wedding.

Janardan Reddy, owner of more than 5 trillion in assets. Their mining business was also India’s former Prime Minister. He is also facing charges of illegal mining in the past. And it is instinctive tax officials after marriage.


Bollywood big stars at the wedding was called by big money. Guests at the wedding included more than 50,000. Bridal suit’s and the price was more than 25 million, and most importantly the wedding card was like a box which was a wedding invitation. The opening screen looked like LCD. In this video 3 minutes in the bride’s family attended the wedding guests were requested and then was made to sound a music which was just as special wedding.

21 years Brahmin wedding was scheduled to Rajiv Reddy, 25, who works for diamonds in Africa. In the Janardan’s big role in politics. and Janardan been twice jailed on charges of illegal mining quarry.

طلحہ سعد کے تبصرے

طلحہ : اف یہ کیا شادی ہوگی

سعد : سچ میں. لڑکا بھی تو دیکھ. ہیروں کا بزنس ہے.

سعد : ہاہاہا. تو کیا سمجھا کسی دودھ والے کو اپنی بیٹی دیگا

طلحہ : ہاہاہا. مجھے تو شادی کا کارڈ اچھا لگا.

سعد : ٧ ارب یار کتنے غریبوں کا بھلا ہوجاتا.

طلحہ : ان جیسے لوگ پھر کہاں سوچتے ہیں. اتنا پیسا ہے کہیں نہ کہیں تو اڑانے ہے نہ

سعد : چل سانوں کی. ویسے اگر یہ مجھے بلاتا تو میں نہ جاتا. آج کل مصروف بہت ہوں

طلحہ : ہاہاہا لول

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