Major Mistakes of Raees Movie.. fans noticed!

Major Mistakes of Raees Movie.. fans noticed!

The trailer of Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira khan leading “Raees” was attractive by the fans and moments after pass it became a huge rated globally trend on Social Media, but a sort of films buffs have marked rather ‘ugly mistakes’ in the Raees movie trailer.


Mistakes # 01

As the two minute and fourty six seconds tail trailer begins, it appearance Indian label of alcohol at the 15th second titled “Royal Stag”, the detractor identify that the label was activate in 1995 and the film is pointed on a adventure dated back to 1980’s and is set in Gujarat.


Mistakes # 02

Another ugly mistakes pointed out by the detractor that at one shot there’s a “Nitex undergarment” advertisement in the backdrop. Nitex Company was also absolutely launched in the year of 1995.