‘Now I do not need’, explosive announced by Afridi.

Said former captain Shahid Afridi, I does not need a any match but this is much enough people loved me. I do not need any farewell match through PCB. In the news conference in Peshawar he said that, I not playing cricket for PCB Pakistan, “Now I do not need any match”, explosive announced by Shahid Afridi.

After 20 years of quality experience it’s not easy for me I demands a match for PCB. Pakistan are always shown towards the cricket series with India but However India showed no inclination for the series. more said that, I do not come into politics through ‘Afridi Foundation’ will continue to serve the public.

The former captain said to a question, the national team will play in Dubai and Abu Dhabi grounds, than not easy to beat Australia and New Zealand cricket Team.


طلحہ سعد کے تبصرے

طلحہ : آفریدی کو تو غصہ أ گیا

سعد : ہاں یار آخری کرکٹ میچ تو کھلانا چاھئے تھا

  طلحہ : پاکستاں میں کهاں عزت کی جاتی ہے اں ہیرو کی. اگر بھارت میں ھوتا تو خدا بنا دیتے آفریدی کو

 سعد : ہاں یار درست که رها ہے تو

 طلحہ : چل. ویسے بھی اپنا ہیرو ہے. پریمئیر لیگ میں آیگا

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