Panama case result! Chinese astrologers told everything!


The remains of the Panama Leaks sizzling news of the case reached the Supreme Court of Pakistan. However, analysts and political experts are taking their own measure. But the interesting news is according to a website, China famous ” Ci Showme” astrologer to predict too early that he expected the court decision, “The Ci Showme” the 82-year-old was also a painter and astrologer said about it is that it is very good knowledge of Astrology and Numerology. And the far all estimates are proved correct.


So many foreign media representatives  aksed “Ci Showme” about Panama Leak in Pakistan Supreme court case, that it was a calculated tone have believed that the decision against the opposition and will in favor of the government. “The Ci Showme” It also says that Donald Trump and a half years after the US president will not. India will become the three states. Japan will come before the terrible tsunami and in the next five years people will begin to walk the moon.

طلحہ سعد کے تبصرے

طلحہ : ابے یہ چائنیز بابا کیا بول رہا ہے

سعد : ارے ہاں. یہ تو که رہا ہے نواز شریف جیت جائے گا پانامہ کیس

?طلحہ : تو یہ عمران کبھی پرائم منسٹر نہیں بن پاے گا

سعد : ہاہاہا. ہوسکتا ہے یہ بابا ڈونگی ہو. پاکستانی بابا کی طرح

طلحہ : ہاہا. امریکا کا صدر ٹرمپ ڈیڑھ سال بعد صدر نہیں رہے گا.

سعد : مجھے تو یہ بہت بڑا پھینکو لگتا ہے “سی شومی” بابا

طلحہ : چلو دیکھتے ہیں کیا ہوتا ہے. ویسے اپنا عمران زندہ

سعد : ہاہاہا لل

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