Some foods that makes mood friendly..

Some foods that makes mood friendly..

Experts say that healthy food is not only physical benefits but it gives us affect our mood. Experts more says that it produces positive changes to reduce the negative thoughts and emotions from our body.

According to experts, 5 foods to be eaten at the beginning of the day, if that this day we have a pleasant mood. Let us see what foods are..


Chocolates :

According to research many times it has been proven that chocolate is very useful for human health. Experts say that chocolate can reduce anxiety and stress for 70 percent of our body.


Berries :

Different types of berries, such as strawberry, raspberry, blue berry and black berry is sweet and sour flavor and are rich in anti-oxide. This element is very helpful to reduce depression and stress.


Egg :

Vitamin D is present in eggs and reduce depression. This food is also best for our health and reduce stress.


Walnut :

Walnut also reduces stress hormones in the body and protects the body from diabetes. and this is also very effective food in winter.


Banana :

In the day, it is your storehouse energetic and active throughout the day. Moreover, it banana also helps to reduce your depression and mental stress.