Unique Stranger Road in France..!


The world is full of strange and beautiful places but there are few places in the world, Which are adjacent to the sea or through the sea and are inundated daily for some time due to the water level rises.

In France, there is also such a strange road, Would disappear daily. The France road ‘Passages to Goa’ is not only unique but also extremely dangerous. The strange thing is that the 2.58 mile long road twice a day goes missing. French people use with extreme caution only for a few hours on the road the day. Special boards have been planted in road sides are showing that it is safe for road use or not.


Despite the special boards People get caught up in the waves but fortunately, there are life-saving high tower here.


طلحہ سعد کے تبصرے

طلحہ : واہ یار خوف ناک روڈ ہے

سعد : ہاں ہم بھی چلیں گے اس چھٹیوں پر

طلحہ : نہیں بھائی اگر روڈ اس وقت بنڈ ہو گیا تو

سعد : ہاہا. مزیدار روڈ ہے.

طلحہ : قدرت کے کرشمے

سعد : ہاں

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