Worlds Most Marvelous Resturants must eat in.. before you died!

Enjoy delicious meals in a restaurants during a picnic or travelling there has always been a unique experience for tourists. Usually people choose a restaurant for dinner Where not only food is delicious but also very interesting surrounding environment and atmosposphere. For this fact, we will display the world some most amazing and unique restaurants, where you not only can enjoy yummy foods but also a remembering to the beautiful moments spent here.


This resturant is located in Chamonix, Switzerland. and is located at 3842 meters high mountain. Eating foods in this restaurant not just the weak hearted people.



This resturant is located in Langata. The breakfast in the restaurant Giraffe also would share with you. That’s why this restaurant is called ‘Giraffe Manor’.



This resturant is located in Gruyeres, Switzerland. Coffee in the ‘Hr Giger Museum’ becomes memorable forever.



The best view of the Northern Lights is only possible from the hotel of ‘Iceland Ion’. This is an exciting and wonderful scenic view.



This unique Ice Hotel is located in the area of Kemi Funland. The hotel has its own distinct taste the food because there is only ice around the ice.



This unique restaurant is located in an ancient cave Kenya. It is used only candles to light.



This amazing restaurant is located in Tianjin, China. Guests visiting this restaurant is a prison environment. Spend a some moments as a prisoner is causing great interest for foodie.

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